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2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System

Price 14.95$ on Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/2d-shooter-bullet-and-weapon-system-19922#description
But now you can easily download 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System FREE
2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System Version 1.9.0

You can easily download this unity package from different channels Below. just click on one of the given links and download these paid unity assets for FREE.

You can easily download this unity package from different given channels Below. just click on one of the links and download this paid unity asset for FREE.

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Presently with up to Unity 2019.4 help!

The 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System resource furnishes you with an exceptionally customisable slug example and weapon framework, custom weapon design supervisor with stock director, alongside a projectile pooling chief which is easy to drop into your Unity game or task and begin utilizing immediately.

With endless choices to change and alter, you can make unlimited blends of shot examples and weapon types, with top execution, even on versatile stages.

Furthermore, you likewise get an adaptable player development content which considers different methods of player development controls (top down shooter, shoot-em-up/shmup, and target following for utilization of the framework on foes just as players), just as a large number of additional sprites, SFX, prefabs and demo contents identifying with the 5 x demo scenes that are incorporated.

The framework takes into account various projectile example designs and customizations, just as ricochet (skip) and slug sway impacts like starts and blood. The WeaponSystem.cs content contains sliders for each property on the weapon permitting you to handily control properties like projectile check, shoot rate, slug arbitrariness, spread, counterbalances, and even substitute properties like spread size on an exchanging clock framework.

There are likewise alternatives to appoint ammo, magazine designs, reload choices and SFX on the weapon setups you make to discharge your custom shot examples. This adds up to an enormous number of conceivable projectile examples and weapon types.

The WeaponSystem content likewise makes it simple for your player to change weapon types in-game. Either utilize the underlying weapon setup and stock task framework (with help to re-request, add or eliminate weapon arrangements in-supervisor to use in-game), or essentially set the weapon preset property to one of the 13 default preset weapon types/shot example types.

Demo scenes:


  1. “Weapon Configuration and Inventory scene”. Show case for the framework that permits you to make your own weapon arrangements and allocate them to stock openings for players or AI to use in-game. Incorporates some Physics2D articles and Target fakers to take shots at and see projectile ricochets, hit sparkle impacts, and blood impacts. Likewise exhibits attaching a GUI to the WeaponSystem segment and occasions to show how you could incorporate with your own GUI arrangement. You can likewise utilize the sliders in-game to change shot and weapon setups on the fly.
  2. “Space stage protection” This demo flaunts the weapon design and stock framework, also the reload/ammunition and some fundamental slug design uphold that the resource has to bring to the table.

It additionally gives a basic GUI interface to exhibit a few thoughts of how you can snare your own GUI framework up to show things like ammunition use, magazine/cut sizes, weapon symbols, and so forth… A couple of outsider boats fly around with shields that can avoid slugs (utilizing the framework’s underlying ricochet uphold). Look over your mouse wheel to switch weapons (which chooses diverse safeguard turrets with various weapon setups). Left snap to shoot, and “R” to reload (for weapon setups set up to utilize magazines). The adversaries have no HP, so you can continue terminating at them.

  1. “Top down shooter” The included top down demo scene gives you 13 preset weapon types to attempt, 2 diverse slug types, 4 distinctive shot shading choices just as the sliders expected to make your own redid projectile/weapon types.
  2. “Space shmup” A straightforward shooter/shmup scene exhibiting diverse player controls and the capacity to tweak some slug design properties.
  3. “Turret scene” – this is a scene demostrating utilization of the Weapon System segment for foe turrets that track an assigned objective (you, the player). You can likewise shoot and redo a restricted arrangement of weapon design for yourself in the scene.

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