In terms of household tasks, the dishwasher is by far the most useful equipment. But what if your Dishwasher Repair is causing you problems rather than assisting you? It could be producing noises, not cleaning correctly, or the more concerning issue of water not draining. You’d almost certainly consider hiring a repairman. But have no fear, for this is precisely where MKA repair service comes into play. If your dishwasher isn’t draining water, we’ll give you some pointers on how to fix it. Here are four ways to assist you to get rid of this problem without having to hire a repair agency.


If your Dishwasher Repair Abu Dhabi is not draining water, the first and foremost step that you need to take is to clean the filter and drain basket because the reason for your distress might be their clogging. Often, they are located at the bottom but it differs from design to design. Use your appliance manual in locating these two things.

In some designs, basket and filter are one unit whereas, in some designs, both can be separated from each other. In any case, both can be cleaned easily.

Turning off the electricity is the first step. The filter and basket should be removed from the machine. Clean them with a gentle toothbrush and water and light detergent solution. Return them to their proper places. The basket may not be removed in some circumstances, so simply remove the filter and clean it. Just be certain that nothing is stuck in the basket.


You should make sure that the drain hose should be securely connected to the garbage disposal. The drain hose drains the dirty water out from the dishwasher. The clogging of the drain hose can also cause problems in draining water.

Switch the power off and take out the drain hose using instructions in your manual. Use a wire hanger to remove the clogs from the hose. You can also clean the inside by flushing water through it.

Since the drain hose is connected to the disposal, the problem may arise due to either of two. Thus, a garbage disposal should be cleaned by pouring a non-toxic drain cleaner inside it. This will also erase any kind of noise coming from it.


Not every dishwasher has an air gap but if yours have one, its clogging can also create problems. It is a small cylindrical-shaped tube beside the sink.

Cut the power of garbage disposal and dishwasher. Remove the cover of the air gap. Clean any food particles or debris from it using tweezers. Use a mixture of soap and water to make the inside clean. Put the cover of the air gap back and switch on the power supply.


Spray arm, as the name indicates, sprays the dishes with water during cleaning. The holes inside the spray arm can be clogged.

Look for a spray arm after disconnecting the power supply. It’s normally found near the bottom of the dishwasher MKA repair services, in the center. Take it out of the dishwasher with the assistance of a handbook. Clean the debris out of the spray arm’s openings with a toothpick. If the junk is stubborn and won’t come off, soak the spray arm in a solution of warm water and vinegar for a while. It can then be readily removed. Restore electricity to the dishwasher and use a spray arm.

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