Advanced Sniper Starter Kit 4.5 – Free Download Unity Assets

Advanced Sniper Starter Kit

Price 30$ on Unity Asset Store:
But now you can easily download Advanced Sniper Starter Kit FREE
Advanced Sniper Starter Kit Version 4.5

You can easily download this unity package from different channels Below. just click on one of the given links and download these paid unity assets for FREE.

You can easily download this unity package from different given channels Below. just click on one of the links and download this paid unity asset for FREE.

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Progressed Sniper Starter Kit 4.3

The Realistic Sniper Shooting System, this venture accompany shot reproduction framework with camera impacts, for example, projectile time and moderate movement, you can see a slug fly through an objective in ran with an extraordinary cams, this pack are prepared for cell phones with portable regulator included and ready to use with UFPS and viable Unity 5.

Significant: There’s numerous adjustments in this adaptation. Please reinforcement your task before update.

New Update!

– Unity 5 Ready

– Wind Effect

– UFPS Support

– Camera impact framework

– More exact with direction count

– Mobile Touch cushion regulator

– Able to apply with any shooting framework. for example, UFPS or others FPS framework.

– Action shot camera presets included.

Tidy up and BUG FIXES!


– Camera impact

– Touch cushion for cell phones

– More exact with direction count

– Sniper rifle M24 3d Model (.fbx) with movements (shoot, inactive, jolt activity)

– Realistic long reach shooting framework

– Action Bullet Camera

– Action Bullet Presets

– Basic Gun System (jolt activity/self-loader)

– Multi-Guns suppoted. – Gun influence and movment. – Keep breath

– Configurable zoom with mouse scroll

– Basic FPS regulator

– Basic adversary

– Zombie shooting match-up

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