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Amplify Shader Editor

Amplify Shader Editor

Price 60$ on Unity Asset Store:
But now you can easily download Amplify Shader Editor FREE
Amplify Shader Editor

You can easily download this unity package from different channels Below. just click on one of the given links and download these paid unity assets for FREE.

You can easily download this unity package from different given channels Below. just click on one of the links and download this paid unity asset for FREE.

Link 1- Download Now
Link 2- Download Now
Link 3- Download Now
Link 4- Download Now  Link 5– Download Now

Underlying Renderer, HD, URP, and Lightweight SRP Support

NEW! HDRP Vector Displacement Sample

NEW! Decoration choices for URP and HDRP

NEW! Clarity and Transmission choices for URP

NEW! New Start Screen window

NEW! Simple chart offer and canvas Screenshot catches

NEW! SRP bundles auto-shipper

NEW! Similarity with Unity 2019

NEW! Backing for Post-Processing Stack shaders

NEW! Viable with Substance in Unity module

NEW! Backing for Custom Render Textures

NEW! Backing for both HD, URP and Lightweight SRP

NEW! Multi-Pass on Templates

NEW! Xbox One/PS4/Switch Support

NEW! Landscape uphold

NEW!Shader Templates

• Universal PBR/Unlit SRP

• Universal 2D Lit/Unlit SRP

• HD Lit/Unlit/Hair/Fabric/Decal SRP

• Lightweight PBR/Unlit SRP

• Custom RT Init/Update

• Post-Process impacts including Post-Processing Stack

• Alpha-Blended particles

• Sprite

• Lit/Unlit

• Unlit Lightmap

• UI

New Tool

• Post-Processing Stack Tool

New Samples

• HDRP Vector Displacement

• Scale Independent Tile

• SRP HD Omni Decal

• Mosaic Effect

• Unlit With Lightmap

New Templates

• Universal PBR/Unlit

• HD Lit/Unlit/Hair/Fabric

• Post Process Stack

• Unlit Lightmap

New Nodes

• Inverse Projection Matrix

• Inverse View Projection Matrix

• HD Emission

• Voronoi

• Gradient

• Gradient Sample

New Shader Function

• Inverse Lerp

• Random Range

• SRP Additional Light

• Flow

• Twirl

• Normal From Height

• Noise Sine Wave

• Sawtooth Wave

• Square Wave

• Triangle Wave

• Checkerboard

• Ellipse

• Polygon

• Rectangle

• Rounded Rectangle

Most recent Improvements

• Added formats explicitly for the new Universal Rendering Pipeline

• Added new HD Lit format viable with Unity’s HDRP shader investigator

• Infinite circle location is presently quicker, diminishing hit while associating hubs on huge charts.

• Improved hubs review delivering invigorate conduct

• New label framework made to improve hub search

• Take a screen capture of your entire canvas by essentially hitting the Screenshot button

• Easily share chosen segments of the chart through the Share button

• Added new post-preparing stack device which produces a cs content with a PPS Renderer and Settings from a given shader.

• Amplify Shader Editor upholds both HD, Lightweight and Universal RP through layouts up to v7.2.x.

• Legacy HD and Lightweight SRP v3.x.x/v4.x.x/v5.x.x layouts are likewise provided through Legacy bundles.

• Support for Custom Render Texture use on Unity 2017 or more by means of Custom RT layouts.

• Substances can now additionally be utilized on ASE canvas with Unity 2018 or more through the Substance in Unity module.

• Can now get to 8 UV channels when on Unity 2018.2 or more.

• Can Pan and Zoom ASE canvas camera through console directional keys.

• Support for Material Types into HD PBR SRP layout.

• Support for Specular work process into Lightweight PBR SRP layout.

• Custom Options would now be able to be added straightforwardly over layouts.

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