Aoi Character Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

Aoi Character Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

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This item is a Japanese anime style character set.

The second Japanese anime style character is delivered from Game Asset Studio. Getting things done at her own speed, cool female character Aoi Kiryu has shown up.


Notwithstanding 13 models in different kinds of outfits, for example, school regalia, regular clothes, bathing suits, night robe, and exercise equips, this pack additionally incorporates 62 movements like strolling, hopping, welcome, and battling. Aoi Character Pack

With this pack, it’s conceivable to oblige a wide scope of sorts, for example, activity games, sentimental experience games, and battling games.

These resources are viable with both heritage and Mecanim liveliness frameworks.

Additionally, low, center, and high poly tally forms of these models are incorporated.

By utilizing the resources gave by the Game Asset Studio group, the nature of the game you’re causing will to improve drastically.

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