AQUAS Water/River Set – Free Download Unity Assets

AQUAS Water River Set – Free Download Unity Assets

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AQUAS is a powerful and comprehensive water system that contains a set of twelve flat water systems for all types of platforms, venues and games. It is highly customizable and packaged rich to meet all requirements and produce industry-quality results.


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A standard workflow with AQUAS to start creating your site, add AQUAS in the second step and customize the water and water effects to suit your specific needs.

Quick Setup
AQUAS is designed to be as easy to use and quick to set up as possible and highly customizable at the same time.
Not only does it come with a Quick-Setup window that can add AQUAS to your place with a few clicks, it is also fully integrated with Gaia, allowing you to equip your Gaia location with fully filled water in seconds!

Flow Map Rivers
AQUAS comes with full flow map support. Flow maps are well integrated with wave propulsion to allow for the formation of rivers that look remarkably sensible. The integrated river set-up menu allows you to quickly create river flights and export the texture of the river index to be used as a plan for drawing relevant flow maps.

The package contains basic equipment that removes the power to operate on an object with or without collider components.

Depth of Mask
AQUAS comes with a basic depth mask shader that can be attached to volumes inside where water will not deliver. This saves water from providing floating objects inside such as boats and ships.

AQUAS contains 6 mobile shaders for different levels of performance as well as 6 top shaders for web and desktop applications, as well as a wide range of different utility bags.


  • Multi-Light-Support
  • Flow map based streams
  • Distance based texture texture
  • Distorted Real-Time Thinking
  • Realtime Refraction
  • Color-Based Depth
  • Automatic Fog Protection System, which works with any custom lighting
  • Double-compact results (currently unavailable – caustics will be available again soon)
  • Hi-Res standard visual high quality maps and standard high performance loops for mobile devices

Underwater Effects:

  • Limited & Distorted View
  • Blossoming and blurring
  • 3D Morphing Balls
  • Real Bubble Spawner
  • Advanced Wet Lens Effect
  • Compatible with Unity’s Post Processing Stack v1 and v2

Useful Resources

  • Basic Buoyancy feature
    A different refresher effect: Real Water Physics (integration)
  • Screen Shotter for use in editor
  • Provide Line Route to manually control the water line indicator
  • Depth of cover to protect water from supplying boats inside

Consumption Consumption:

  • Works out of the box (Installed Demo Scene)
  • Very customizable
  • Quick Setup
  • Easy River Setup

AQUAS has been tested with various location tools and is known to work well with:

  • Gaia (integration)
  • Landscape Builder (integration)
  • Creator of the Earth
  • Magic Map
  • Composer of the world

AQUAS works with Unity Free & Pro

Help and Support
Handmade tutorials & videos | Forum | Frequently Asked Questions

Important notes:
Android and iOS support, Windows Phone not supported.

To test performance on mobile devices please download the demo APK and read the FAQ.

Supportive supply pipeline support is currently not available, but is still under construction.

The package comes with 2 model areas, as well as a small set of simple layout designs for a short purpose. The props and environmental assets shown in the demo video are not included.

If you like the package please consider providing a rating and package review in Unity Asset Store. This vote and review will help the package rise to prominence and will also help me create more packages.

If there is a package-related problem Contact me at the email below.

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