Beautify – Free Download Unity Assets

Beautify – Free Download Unity Assets

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➤ Beautify 2 is now available with built-in pipeline support (+ multiple options) and LWRP / URP with Post Processing Stack. Click here to get Beautify 2 now!
➤ Decorate HDRP is now available. Click here for Beautify HDRP.

Beautify is the result of a complete image post processing that enhances image quality in real time producing beautiful and vivid scenes.

Key Features:

• Improves visual features, retrieves or adds image detail, produces sharp images – in many cases the change can be dramatic, such as switching to High Definition.

• Improves pixel color when needed, without overlapping the image.

• Removes additional blurring caused by multiple antialias post effects.

• Reduce or completely eliminate banding artifact from gradients, often seen in sky boxes due to color quantization.

• Improves the quality of cognitive texture – even low-resolution textures look better.

• Works with forward and relocated routes for delivery as well as vertical and gamma color spaces.

• Works on WebGL, mobile, VR (Multi-Pass, Single Pass Stereo and Single Pass Instanced supported), 2D and 3D.

Nhle’s customers love it!
“Added to my ‘Must-Have-in-All-Projects’ list.”
“I couldn’t have made a game without it.”
“I’ll include it in all my games.”
The “make it beautiful” button is the CGI crowd that has longed for it since the beginning of humanity. “
“Real improvements. The visuals have been wonderfully enhanced.”

In addition to the unique image enhancement algorithm, Beautify also includes high-quality sub-effects and performance effects (included in the same high-performance transfer):

• Sun Lens. Fast GPU flares with different ghosts, Sun rays and animated Sun.

• Purkinje. It mimics retina achromatic vision and blue spectrum shift under low light conditions.

• Framework. Adds a colorful border around objects. Depth or color modes (Sobel) (suitable for 2D).

• Daltonize. It reinforces the basic colors red, green and blue.

• Depth of Field and Bokeh. The classic photo effect, blurts out the image based on the focus point with autofocus and prominent hexagonal options. Supports transparency and release layers. Includes many advanced options like forward blur, autofocus, custom focus range, target tracking, etc.

• Anamorphic Flares. Also known as JJ Abrams flares, it puts a real cinematic touch to your area.

• ACES Tonemapping. The Academy’s Close Colonization System is converted from the HDR color space to the LDR at the appropriate level within the Beautify effect series.

• Flowering. The beautiful and smooth light effect has many customization options, selected layer, depth reduction, …

• Lace pollution. It diffuses light on the screen when looking at light sources according to different customized patterns and scatter distribution.

• Eye Change. It produces retina response to rapid changes in position light with different options for adapting light and dark.

• Vignetting. It darkens the corners of the images with the power, color and mask options. Now with the Fade Out and Blink effects, it’s cool to change with the immersion eye effects.

• Framework. Add a rectangular colored or textured frame.

• LUT Color Modification. Apply for your favorite LUT (See-Up Textures).

• Night Vision. Picture things in the dark. Includes audio and scanning lines.

• Heat View. It uses red and blue to accentuate warm and cold colors. It also adds scanning lines, sound and hidden screen distortions.

• Pixelate. Create a retro pixelated effect.

• Blur. Apply a background blur effect with variable power.

Well very easy to use, just add a photo effect to your camera, choose reset and that’s it. It also allows you to fine-tune all effects, disable unused shader features to save build time and save your favorite effect settings to different Profiles!

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