Camera Filter Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

Camera Filter Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

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Camera Filter Camera: More than 310 Filters for Your Camera!

Now Single Pass Stereo Support! (Unity 5.4 and more)

Camera filter camera gives you an excellent collection of high quality full screen full effects to enhance and improve the quality of your game. All filters are configured and flexible. Install and open upcoming gen filters on your camera!

Camera Filter Camera Needs Unity 2018.4.9

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Install AAA Rain FX


  • Add 7 glasses to FX: Classic, Vampire, Night, Futuristic Montain, Futuristic Desert and Spy
  • Enter the Fade parameter in the TV_Arcade
  • Enter the Fade parameter in TV_Arcade_2
  • Enter the Fade parameter in TV_Arcade_Fast
  • Enter the Fade parameter in TV_Artefact
  • add new LUT 25 layout
  • Enter Fade, Weight and Speed ​​Limits on TV_Chromatical
  • Enter Fade, Zoom Fade, Zoom Speed ​​parameters on TV_Chromatical_2
  • Install Remodeling Horror FX with Fade and Distension parameters
  • Enter the Fade parameter on TV_Led
  • Enter Fade on Planet Mars
  • Apply Fade to TV Posterize
  • Apply Fade to TV styles
  • Apply a point filter
  • Improve VHS HQ parameters
  • Improve Gliths Borders
  • Improve * parameters (Inverts, Color, Wave and more)
  • Improve TV audio parameters
  • Install Movie Noise
  • Upgrade Old Movie 2 Parameters
  • Upgrade TV 50 ‘and TV 80’


  • Fix a minor problem.


  • Add 20 new filters!
  • Better filter redesign.
  • Preview filters on our website.
  • Text of all online filters.
  • Install 3D Matrix
  • Install 3D Rain Drop System FX Pro
  • Install 3D Scene Scan
  • Install 3D Myst
  • Add 3D Binary
  • Install 3D Computer
  • Add 3D Snow
  • Install 3D Black Hole
  • Install 3D Ghost light
  • Install 3D Anomaly
  • Add 3D Shield
  • Insert Space Fog
  • Install Pixelisation Sweater Textile
  • Install 3 FX Vignettes by selecting a color
  • Insert a Lot Viewing Table
  • Add 172 Lut Textures
  • Add Lut Color Plus: With Blend
  • Enter Lut Play with him, have fun with Lut with many parameters.
  • Enter an ending in GrayScale, Invert, Sepia
  • Add new parameters to Flush
  • Best Film Grain Algorithm, Ascii
  • Fix Vision Rainbow positions


-Add Weather “Rain” that can’t be fully measured (Strength, direction, reversal, …)
-Add Weather “Rain Pro” with thunderstorms and smart water drops on the edge
-Add Pixel Snow FX 8 Bits with directional support
-Add Fade and weather forecast “Blizzard”
-Add a Twist Twist
-Add Twist Square Twist
-Adjust and improve Antialiasing FXAA


-Add 2 new Filters
-Blood Hit (Hitting blood from the sides)
-TV Arcade Soon


-Add 2 new AAA FX
-Blood on camera
-Blood And


  • Install Fly Vision FX
  • Color Manga Flash
  • Install TV Noise 1
  • Install TV Noise 2
  • Install TV Noise 3
  • Install TV Horror
  • Adjust the pink screen on some devices


-Add Blur Tilt Shift
-Add Blur Shift Verticale
-Add Blur Tilt Shift Hole
-Add Glow Insert Glow Color
-Add Despair
-Add FX Dark Matter


-Add 6 new Filters
-Add Drawing Paper (Square)
-Add Page 2
-Add Drawing Paper 3 (Old Paper)
-Add BluePrint Drawing
-Add Vision Blood Fast (600% faster than Vision Blood)
-Add Vision **** Blood
-Correct some shaders errors


  • Install 5 new filters
  • Real VHS: Ultra high quality VHS with YUV, Distortion, everything that looks like an old vhs video and works on mobile high at 60fps
  • Bitch Glitch
  • Vision Droste
  • Vision Rainbow
  • FX Scan


  • Install Twisting Broken Glass, Bullet Holes By Distortion
  • Color the YUV

-Add Ice Weather


  • Install Extra Rotation Screen
  • Insert Drawing Lines
  • Enter Real Blood


  • Install 8 new filters
  • Drawing: Curve
  • Drawing: Manga Flash
  • Drawing: Manga Flash White
  • Vision: Aura
  • Vision: Aura distortion
  • Retro: Uploading
  • FX: Digital Matrix
  • FX: Digital Matrix Deviation


  • Add an additional frame to each filter


  • Install 3 new filter (track vhs and 2 eyes sight)


  • Install 10 new night filters to completely customize

Version 2.0

  • Install 75 new filters!
    -Add Chroma key: Blue Screen and Green Screen! (Ideal for menu with FX camera!)
    -Add Color Photo Filters to over 20 filters!
    -Add Blend between 2 Cameras with 25 photoshop filters!
    -Add Adjust Colors and more
    -Add a nice new idea for the night
    -Add Pixelisation FX
    -Add Screen Gradients over 10 filters!
    -Add 2 old film filters
    -Add Realistic Broken Camera Glass
    -Add World Camera Shake Shake
    -Add Smooth and rotating screen separation between 2 cameras
    -Adjust AAA WaterDrop flip Y
    -Fix Snow 8 bit flip Y

New version 1.9

  • Work in unity 5
    -Add 20 new filters!
    -Add a blood idea and many other amazing ideas fx.
    -Add fx for a new distortion screen.
    -Now support play change mode!
    Fix the whole pink screen, now all the filters are working properly.

Version 1.8

Install TV Arcade 2
Enter an Alien view
Install Oculus Therma Vision
Install the Old Movie 2 TV 2
Enter Atmosphere Snow 8-Bits

New version 1.7

Install TV – Chromatical 2
Install FX – Light Rainbow
Install FX – Light Rainbow 2
Install FX – Screens
Install FX – Glitch 1
Install FX – Glitch 3
Enter FX – * 2
Add light – Water 2
Enter FX – Plasma

New 1.6 version

Install 4 new filters

-AAA Advanced Computer
-Antialiasing FXAA
-Drawing NewCellShading
-L TV lead

Version 1.5

-Add FX Enhanced Comics
-Add Blur Hole FX

New version 1.4

Install 3 new filters:
-50s TVs
-Drawing CellShading 2
-Update: The TV is distorted with new parameters

New version 1.4!
Vision -Night 3
-AAA Super Hexagon
-TV FX Congestion
-The planet TV TV

-TV Harvest
-TV Old Movies
-TV Play in stores
-Drawing Jokes
-Drawing Smanga
-Night view
-8 Bits
-Drawing Oil
-Blacking Cell

  • *

  • -Recorations
    Depletion of water
    -RGB deception
    -And many more!

All filters can be moved and configured.

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