DARK ELF – Free Download Unity Assets

DARK ELF – Free Download Unity Assets

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Here is the dim mythical person. This missing connection among mythical people and orcs is certainly a hazardous adversary. Talented with the bow, blade and halberd he can bargain ground-breaking hits to whoever faces him.

Calculation is 29.9 Ktris absolute (dull mythical being body: 9468 tris, scales protective layer: 2572 tris, body plate reinforcement: 3414 tris, cap: 1078 tris, lower arm covering: 1032 tris every, thigh defensive layer: 1032 tris each, foot covering: 903 tris each, tremble: 1524 tris, bow: 1012 tris, blade: 772 tris, halberd: 826 tris, shield: 1380 tris). All the components can be appeared/covered up to give engineer capacity to make varieties. Model has 5 materials (principle body, scales protective layer, plates reinforcement, weapons and shield) with up to 4096*4096 surfaces.

Apparatus is 85 bones. The bundle incorporates a major arrangement of 118 livelinesss.

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