Easy Movie Texture (Video Texture) V 3.61 – Free Download Unity Assets

Easy Movie Texture (Video Texture)
Easy Movie Texture (Video Texture)

Easy Movie Texture:

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counting source code (Android, iOS)

Android source way : EasyMovieTexture/AndroidSource envelope

iOS( with tvOS) source way: Plugins/iOS envelope

This Demo

Resource Supported stages: Android, iOS, AppleTV(tvOS)

Likewise Supported platforms(Editor Mode Installation): PC (windows, Mac 64bit)

Its Supported organization :

Android: Link

iOS: Link

The most recent gadget bolsters up to 4k.

iOS: General gadgets uphold up to 1920 * 1080.

The most recent gadget is bolsters up to 2560 * 1440.

iPhone 6s Plus backings up to 4k.

It likewise bolsters StreamingAssets, outside capacity, and web-based features.

Android streaming help list: http, HLS (http live streaming),rtsp

iOS streaming help list: http,HLS (http live streaming)Easy Movie Texture:

EasyMovieTexture requires Android 4.0 or above.

EasyMovieTexture requires iOS 6.0 or Above.

Solidarity 4.X requires an iOS Pro.

In Unity 5.X it doesn’t need a Pro.

Supports multithreaded delivering choices.

Update ( Ver. 3.77)

1.The Android Arm64 library has been changed to make it simpler to utilize.

Update ( Ver. 3.76)

1.Fixed accident issues on PC

Update ( Ver. 3.75)

1.Adding UnityEvent (Beta test)

2.Fixed accident issues on PC Easy Movie Texture:

Update ( Ver. 3.74)

1.Adding buffering related occasions

  1. Adjustment in PC

Update ( Ver. 3.73)

1.Fix accident issue when calling Load () work rapidly ( On PC )

  1. Add android 64bit library

Update ( Ver. 3.72)

  1. Fixed iOS aggregation mistake for Unity 2018.3 rendition

Update ( Ver. 3.71)

  1. Fixed sound sync issue on PC

Update ( Ver. 3.70)

  1. Eliminating MacOS 32bit aggregation choices

Update ( Ver. 3.69)

  1. Fixed an accident issue when powerfully resizing (on a PC)
  2. Fix crash issue when calling Stop work (on PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.68)

1.PC-side delivering speed improvement (HLS streaming delivering speed improvement)

  1. Change cradle size(PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.67)

1.Fixed sound buffering issue

  1. Change cradle size(PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.66) Easy Movie Texture:

  1. Improve real time feature execution on PC
  2. GetCurrentSeekPercent work adjusted to chip away at iOS and PC

Update ( Ver. 3.65)

  1. Fixed sound bug on PC

Update ( Ver. 3.64)

  1. Metal designs uphold in OSX
  2. Fixed the issue that video play speeds up in specific arrangements.
  3. Fixed an issue where sound doesn’t play appropriately in specific arrangements.

Update ( Ver. 3.63)

  1. Fixed the issue that material is produced limitlessly in ongoing update (PC issue)

Update ( Ver. 3.62)

  1. Fixed an issue where Android doesn’t work while empowering multithreading delivering alternative in Unity 2017.

Update ( Ver. 3.60)

  1. Fixed an issue that the YUV shader was separated
  2. Fixed an issue where the blunder message didn’t turn out appropriately for the Android web-based feature.
  3. Fixed some stable interpreting issues on PC.

Update ( Ver. 3.59)

  1. Fixed an irregular conduct when iOS is in ApplicationPause state.
  2. Fixed a side issue with BPC_FaseMode.

Update ( Ver. 3.58)

  1. Add BPC_FastMode (Experimental) : Improves execution in PC or Editor. (Note: the shader will consequently change to Unlit/Unlit_YUV.)
  2. Fixed a difficult where sound doesn’t play in some video designs (on PC)

Update ( Ver. 3.57)

  1. At the point when video isn’t played on iOS,Fixed a difficult when calling the Pause () work
  2. Fixed CSProjectFilePostProcessor.cs blunder

Update ( Ver. 3.56)

  1. Fixed a difficult Pause () work doesn’t work while connecting headset.(IOS)
  2. Adjusting Cubemap Modeling Data
  3. Altering Unity 5.6

Update ( Ver. 3.55)

  1. Fix struggle in supervisor

Update ( Ver. 3.54)

  1. Editorial manager mode Simultaneous play limit fixed to 50

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