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Fantasy Loot Audio Pack

Fantasy Loot Audio Pack

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Fantasy Loot Audio Pack is a collection composed of 2463 files or more than 150 minutes of SFX sound effects including impacts, events, drop items, loops, special voices, pickup items , UI and other sound effects (Wav Files) and the 3 free original soundtracks of this demo reel.

Fantasy Loot Audio music pack is perfect for :

– Fantasy RPG,
– Tiny Dungeons,
– Dungeons,
– Tiny Fantasy Loots.

The pack is organized into 12 Folders. The Folder Updates will be created for the next updating.

– Alchemy Cauldron & Making Potions Sounds : 48 Items. Cauldrons, labs, potions, fluids, elyxir,traps.
– Leitmotifs : 48 Items. Award, cancel, error, mysterious, leimotifs and surprise sound effects.
– Breaking Sounds : 33 Items. Bones, skeletons, urns, barrels, wood Items.
– Crafting Sounds : 299 Items.Crafting, cooking, drinking, eating, fluids, potions, removers, potion vessel, water, sparks, wood items(sanding, sawing) , cutting food, knives, mortars, lightning, transforming items.
– Documentation : 1 pdf item. 35 A3 Landscape format Pages – Full SFX Listing with file Number, #track, date, size, title, duration, bitRate. quality and basic Recording sound effects , specified for every sound. (PDF).
– Drop Items Sounds : 636 Items. Amulets, rings, gems, bone items, books, clothes, armors, metal items, gold, coins, cups, keys, collars, pendants, other generic drop sounds, potions, magic boxes, physic, alchemy, lab items, fluids, spells, scrolls, vessels, vassels. glasses, weapons.
– Open Close Sounds : 109 Items. Opening and closing Chests and vessels.
– Others Sounds : 23 Items. Other sound effects, explosions, cup to toast, lightning, rats.
– Pickup & Clicks Sounds : 118 Items. Pickup and UI sound effects (clicks).
– Special & Voices-Phrases Sounds-Leitmotfivs : 167 Items. Not enough mana, inventory full, come on, ok, yes, no, you can´t bring it, leitmotivs (crhono, alert, intro, end, trailers, level up, low mana, quest alerts), small coughs.
– Weapons & Spell Sound Impacts : 106 Items. Arrows, axes, blunting, punch, blade, blood, blocks, guts, bones, boomerang, claws, critical, swords and knives (drawing, sharpen, impacts) , hammers, fire, ice, spells, portals, stones, flesh, wood impacts.
– Update01 : 877 new sound effects. Bones, Stones, SeaHells, Crafting-Digging, Explosives, Foods, Glitches-Clicks, Lucky Eggs – Pets, Magic Runes-PowerUps, Pouches, Presents, Time Objects
– Free OST : 3 free original soundtracks from Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack.
If you already got that pack, don´t worry , for the next updates we´ll make more new soundtracks for you.

Quality : 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV Mono and 16 bit 48.0kHz WAV Stereo, depending on suitability.

There are included the basic recording sound effects (perfectly cleaned, arranged, edited and normalized) so the developer can adjust it according to its pleasure, using Unity3D and the sounds with audio effects optimized by Audio Engineer according to its pleasure.

Original Sound effects have been recorded at 96 Khz and perfect cleaned – 4 noise reduction filters applied (2 by hardware, 2 by software, Hiss Reduction, Click $ Pops Eliminator Filters).

If you wish another format or quality, not over 96 khz, or you need other different sound effects, please contact me :

Multi-purpose high quality sound effects library containing 1.586 sound effects ultimately suitable for Fantasy and Dungeon video games.

Listen here to Preview : Demo Reel .
Watch to Preview.

Update 01 : 877 new sound effects relatives to Bone & Seahell & Stone Objects, Crafting-Digging, Explosives, Foods, Glitches-Clicks, Lucky Eggs – Pets, Magic Runes-PowerUps, Pouches, Presents and Time Objects. Tiny Fantasy Loot Update 1.1

Update 02 :

– 5 new OST from Fantasy and Merchants Vol II.
– 71 new sound effects (Swing Swords and Sword Transitions).
– Updated to Unity 2017.1.0p2 (64-bit).

Update 03 :

– Package updated to Unity 2018.
– 5 new OST from The New Fantasy & Merchants Audio Music Pack and some of the male/female voices of this package.
– 5 new gregorian / medieval OST from the coming soon package Christmas & Winter Songs for Videogames package.
– New images for the Asset Store.

Affordable royalty free sound effects for commercial games and for prototyping.

The pack will be updated once a month (Updates Folder).

Feel free to provide requests and feedback.

Only $10 for +1800 sound effects and 20 Original soundtracks.

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