First Person Shooter Voice Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

First Person Shooter Voice Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

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This audio package contains over 1,500 chat lines recorded in 28-letter voice!

The lines contained in this First Person Shooter Voice Pack package include two common requirements for first-person shooters. Announcer words are included to let your players hear the classic ones like “Dominating” and “First Blood” as well as educational lines like “Flag Captured” and “Health Low”. Character lines are provided o give your players a sense of independence and issue commands. These lines include performance and single liners such as “Defend the Base” and “Fallback”. Both groups consist of male and female characters.First Person Shooter Voice Pack is a famous voice.

Here is a small sample from the pocket:

Demo FPS Voice Pack

Next time, when the need arises, I would like to expand the package with regular updates. I can contact you directly if you have specific lines you want to add.

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