Flat Lighting – Free Download Unity Assets

Flat Lighting – Free Download Unity Assets

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Flat Lighting:

Flat Lighting is a legacy package that includes a complete lighting system designed for the creation of flat space design styles. It is highly functional and works on shader 2.0 models and above.
Tested on mobile and desktop devices.

The package includes:

  • Custom lighting sources (location, point and direct light).
  • Simple shadow map, but powerful and fast.
  • Custom lighting fixtures. This includes earth shadows that meet the Unity lighting system and receive light from Unity’s bright sources and not from unusual flat lights. Custom shaders include a powerful gradient light (Global, Local) on any axis (X, Y, Z or free).
  • Support for new Lightweight Render (LWRP) pipeline
  • Ability to bake a shader to reduce compilation time (especially useful for mobile devices where memory is limited).
    -Animated low poly shader water well integrated into the lighting system that allows unprecedented speed. It also includes a water mesh making tool.
  • Custom UI for all tools to make it very easy and intuitive to work with.
  • Part of Material Blender to create amazing animations between different elements.
  • 3 demo scenes, one of which is complex enough and includes most of the tools and settings included in this asset (this demo area is used while making the goods).
  • Detailed documentation of the tool.
  • Modular code that is very easy to extend and adapt.
  • Requests can be made for new features to be added in the next update.

Forum Support :

Important: The initial import of goods into the unit can take up to 30 minutes due to the integration of shader variations. Please be patient and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and then enjoy Flat Lighting.

Please note that this package does not contain any characters or game modes. Only photographic material, shadows, text, and tools.
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