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Footsteps pack 2

Footsteps pack 2

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tl;dr Over 2200+ oneshot footsteps sounds of bushes, dirts, muds, debris, grass, hay, straw, leafs, snow, ice, snow, crushed glass, stones, tiles, wire fence.

It’s a collection of high quality, oneshot sounds of footsteps recorded in natural enviroment, selected and prepared, numbered for easy bind to game character. It is 2260 original and unique files in 19 folders. Total audio data size: 117 MB. Total recording time: 21 minutes. Files are in PCM/Wave mono 16 bit 48kHz format.

It contains following folders [in square brackets are number of files inside]:

– cardboard shreds [146] – walking on dirty cardboard shreds
– debris rubble [200] – crushed plaster, bricks and other building wastes
– debris rubble clangorous [93] – same as above but with broken glaze tiles
– dirt road [120] – dry, solid ground
– forest cover [80] – undergrowth with low foliage, little sticks and cones
– glass grit [132] – crushed granular glass on hard surface
– glass grit clinging [6] – in addition to folder above couple of bigger clinging glass parts
– hay staw [99] – soft noises
– ice crackle [12] – crushing frozen puddle with thin ice
– leafs dry [122] – walking through dry autumn leafs on the ground
– mud dirt run [177] – quick movement through shallow mud
– mud dirt walk [248] – same as above but better suited for slower walk
– puddle deeper [149] – splash of puddle water
– puddle shallow [100] – similar to above but with a bit less splashy
– snow deeper [78] – stepping in deep untouched snow area
– snow shallow [133] – thin layer of snow
– stones [199] – walking on small, rough stones
– thickets [107] – walking throuhg higher bushes with a lot of twigs. Not precisely footsteps.
– wire fence and bushes [67] – dirty old wire fence on bushy on lawn

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