Full Game Kit – Hammer 2 – Free Download Unity Assets

Full Game Kit - Hammer 2

Full Game Kit – Hammer 2

Price 49.99$ on Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/full-game-kit-hammer-2-43670#description 
But now you can easily download Full Game Kit – Hammer 2  FREE
Full Game Kit – Hammer 2 Version1.1.1

You can easily download this unity package from different channels Below. just click on one of the given links and download these paid unity assets for FREE.

You can easily download this unity package from different given channels Below. just click on one of the links and download this paid unity asset for FREE.

Link 1- Download Now
Link 2- Download Now
Link 3- Download Now
Link 4- Download Now  Link 5– Download Now

[NEW] Support for Android gadgets.

Full Game Kit – Hammer 2 .Awesome actionpacked shooter model undertaking to perceive how it’s finished! Make your own thirdperson open world game utilizing this unit!

(This requires halfway Unity and C# aptitudes!)

Full Game Kit – Hammer

The bundle contains:

Completely working and buildable game!

All contents and resources are accessable, editable, and financially useable!


  • Thirdperson character regulator
  • Camera framework including camera shakes
  • Destructible structures tech
  • Bullets, blasts and region harm
  • Enemy and pickup spawners
  • Enemy, chief and foe vehicles conduct
  • Controllable vehicles and turrets
  • Ambient framework
  • Options and settings
  • Achievements
  • Streamable preloading for web player
  • Global and nearby information the board
  • Player progress sparing and stacking
  • Full game stream, stopping, retrying, opening
  • New scalabe Unity GUI
  • Flexible catch and route framework
  • Minimap framework
  • Shop for ingame money
  • Localization
  • XGUI 2d assistant contents
  • Xbox 360 regulator uphold


  • Lowpoly characters and livelinesss
  • Lowpoly vehicles, structures, roads
  • Lots of lowpoly misc. resources, for example, containers, barrels and streetlamps
  • All with clear highres animation style surfaces
  • Lots of impacts, glimmers, particles and blasts
  • 5 sovereignty free music tracks for you to utilize
  • Over a 100 perfectly clear game audio effects
  • Loads of symbols, fastens and foundations

Note: Please utilize your own textual style or check the authorizing understanding! This bundle contains no thirdparty content at all.

Full game unit innovation and resources for transitional clients.

This model undertaking is made for beginner designers that need to make the progression towards a releaseable game. Utilize full contents, code scraps or engineering in your own game. Add an expert system around your current game model. Utilize quick prototyping of a game thought by changing or supplanting game boundaries and resources. Pick the top notch workmanship and sound resources you requirement for your own tasks. Try not to stress over permit arrangements, you have full business usuage rights! Your game is prepared to construct and convey for web, independent and Android cell phones. Simple to port to different stages.

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