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Gargoyle unity asset

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Beast could be a decent chief or a basically crowd of your dream game. With a top of the line quality and all the stuff expected to make it live on your game. Incorporates adaptable materials, custom shaders on unity4 and standard pbs on unity5 with all the essential movements included. Additionally there is a “playable” demo-scene utilizing solidarity character regulator. Additionally incorporates 2 weapons (hand hatchet and huge hatchet)


Body: 3.6k tris

Huge Ax: 602 tris

Short Goth Ax: 1.1k tris


Character incorporates a bunch of custom shaders for unity4 and standard pbs material child unity5.

. 6x Color/Albedo map

. Specular/metalness map

. Surrounding impediment

. Relocation map (DX11 decoration)

. Hole map

. Clarity map

. Painting cover

. Typical guide

. Obscurity veil


Character is completely manipulated and energized with all the expected to make it work and incorporates 31 livelinesss for heritage and mecanim with or without weapons:

. Inert unarmed

. Inert righthand weapon

. Dazed Idle

. Square Idle

. Get Damage 1

. Get Damage 2

. Assault 1

. Assault 2

. Assault 3

. Assault unarmed

. Pass on

. War Scream

. Walk cycle unarmed

. Walk cycle righthand weapon

. Stroll forward unarmed

. Stroll forward righthand weapon

. Run cycle unarmed

. Run cycle righthand weapon

. Run forward unarmed

. Run forward righthand weapon

. Jog cycle unarmed

. Jog cycle righthand weapon

. Jog forward unarmed

. Jog forward righthand weapon

. Bounce cycle unarmed

. Bounce cycle righthand weapon

. Bounce present

. Fall unarmed

. Fall righthand weapon

. Fly inert unarmed

. Fly inert righthand weapon


The bundle additionally incorporates the demoscene found in the video.

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