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GNOME unity asset

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Here is the little person. This little character living in the backwoods can stow away effectively and assault his adversaries unsuspecting. He additionally is fit for projecting some enchantment spells. Notwithstanding his little size he can be a perilous adversary.

Calculation is 24.65 Ktris max complete ( body: 16.38 Ktris, cudgel: 664 tris, hair style 1: 5.9Ktris, hair style 2: 3.5 Ktris, hair style 3: 2.4 Ktris, haricut 4: 2.8 Ktris, hair style 5: 1.4 Ktris, facial hair: 1.87 Ktris, pork slashes: 487 Tris, mustaches: 516 Tris, goaty: 850 Tris). Apparatus is 53 bones. Model uses 2 materials (Main Body and overgrown hair).

The pack incorporates a bunch of 32 movements (10 being root movement varieties)

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