Helios – Free Download Unity Assets

Helios – Free Download Unity Assets

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Updated for Unity 2018!
The most advanced screen recording solution in Asset Store!

Do you have questions?
Live chat with developer NOW at Discord

Now with new image enhancement tools to make jittery videos look smoother and built deeper into Field shader

Now with live streaming FFMPEG support

Have you ever wanted to create fully 3D videos on websites like Youtube and Facebook and show what it’s like to stay within your game?

Want to download 60 easy FPS display videos like tools like FRAPS and ShadowPlay? Helios has full support for traditional 2D and 360 predictions.

Helios is a complete 3D / 360 video solution for Unity 5.4.x / 2017/2018.

Visit the website www.helios3dvideo.com

With Helios enabled on your site, you can automatically create a beautiful full 3D video with audio ready to be uploaded to popular websites like YouTube, VRideo, Milk VR and Facebook.

Helios is made with specially designed FAST shades that will capture your space and convert the resulting images into the ideal Equirectangular display required for the most popular 3D / 360 platforms.

Q) Will Helios work with Unity 2018?

A) YES! The new version 1.3.x is running on Unity 2018
Q) Will Helios work with the timeline and the Cinemachine?

A) YES! The new version 1.2.5 adds support for working directly with Timeline and Cinemachine
Q) What is the best way to heal my camera movements?

A) While building support for the recording of session data on Helios, you will get smooth and predictable data for navigation when using Pegasus by Adam Goodrich. He and I worked together from the beginning to make the two properties more compatible.
Q) Can I use Helios in my game to allow my players to record?
A) Helios is an editor-only recording program, not designed for forward-looking games, but rather for game developers to create high quality demo content.

Q) How is Helios different from the other 360 records?

A) The short answer is that it offers more than 360 video support only, see the full list below

Helios will create videos related to:
-Oculus Headsets
-Gear VR Hadsets
-HTC Vive Headsets
-The headset based on Google Cardboard
-Facebook 360 video viewers (Web, Mobile)
-YouTube 360 ​​video viewers (Web, Mobile)

Helios will automatically create your output video and add special local metadata required by most websites and players.

Here is a list of some of the features you find with Helios:
-3D / 360 Rig camera
-2D Camera Rig
-SideScroll Camera Rig
Rectangular guess
-Record in VR environment with camcorder style portable motion
-Image Strengthening
-Built in depth of field map
Stereographic Guess (small planet)
-Stereoscopic (stereo) output
-Export Mpeg4 / Gif / Webm / etc…
-Send Invisible Sky
New alpha secret post based on alpha
-Fade In / Fade Out support
-Supports various temporary recording
-Supports Scenes added
-Supports Other Post Processing Results
-Integrated Grain control to clear sky banding
-Send high quality GIF
-The timing of audio recording at large sample rates
-Record frames specified in grade
-Enable Hotkey recording
Recording recording with Session Recorder
-Record the movement and animation of any object
-Compatible with Pegasus
-6 quality settings (up to 8K)
Automatically create videos

  • Automatically enter 3D location metadata
    -Supports Windows and OSX
    -Built in Antialiasing
    -IPD Stereo Options
    -Remote Control Recording API
    Complete Source Code
    -Demo scenes
    -JPEG or PNG image formatting
    -New EXR file format for pro-grade recording
    -New Hardware Discovery Warnings
    More configurations
    -Works on advancing Forward and Postponed
    -Non recording time plan to take move, rotation, scale, field camera depth, camera view field
    -Time to use disk space
    -Capture In Scene Video player images

Although Helios is an Offline Rendering system that focuses on high resolution and high level of frame, it comes with a session recording system that can record camera movement data at normal speed played back during rendering.

-YouTube Playlist

Helios is also compatible with the following products:

  • Pegasus by Adam Goodrich
  • The director of Cinema is Cinema Suite
    Zone Controller Pro is UtopiaWorx
  • Shadowelectric by UtopiaWorx

Small Print

Limitations: Helios is not a game-ready asset, it is for recording in an editorial compound ONLY.

License note:
For license reasons, in version 1.0.4 and higher, FFMPEG has been removed from the Helios installation package and linked to download instead.
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