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Mobile Environment Pack

Price 50$ on Unity Asset Store:
But now you can easily download BIG Environment Pack FREE
BIG Environment Pack v1.5.4

You can easily download this unity package from different channels Below. just click on one of the given links and download these paid unity assets for FREE.

You can easily download this unity package from different given channels Below. just click on one of the links and download this paid unity asset for FREE.

Link 1- Download Now
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Link 4- Download Now

This pack is super low-poly, diffuse just including LOD bunches for the most elevated ideal presentation.


Shrubberies : 4 species in 45 varieties.

Grass : 4 sorts in 42 varieties.

Plants : 14 distinct species in 88 varieties.

Trees : 10 species in 156 varieties.

Underbrush : 8 sorts in 68 varieties.

Cavern Kit: 64 Prefabs, cavern dividers, stalagmites, precious stones, spiderweb, and so on to construct tweaked low-poly buckles. .

Rocks and Stones : 13 distinct sorts of rocks and stones from little to large in more than 410 varieties. .

Structures : 6 distinct kinds of shacks in 12 varieties + 32 additional items in 64 varieties like wall, rooftops, steps, strolls, dividers, and so on for interesting looking towns.

Props : 46 Prefabs.

Territory Textures : 16 surfaces.

FX : Over 4 Shuriken Particle Effects and 2 diverse light-cones.

Contents: Collision based renderfog, sky-box tone and light blurring content.

Scenes : 10 demo-scenes, and 5 stock scenes.

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