Next-Gen Soft-Shadows – Free Download Unity Assets

Next-Gen Soft-Shadows – Free Download Unity Assets

Next-Gen Soft-Shadows

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Next-Gen Soft-Shadows – Free Download Unity Assets

The following is a smooth and quick dynamic solution for solidarity shadows here. Easy to assemble, quick to donate, better than previous versions! Includes powerful new tools, blurring algorithms, simplification and easy-to-use lighting tools to improve the quality of your scene lighting. NGSS is a complete integration shadows plugin, used on top open world topics like Facepunch Rust and many others. NGSS is the only stop to upgrade your shadow projects to cinematic CGI levels without going back to work, real time! Everyone agreed, here’s how Unity’s shadows should look!

Shadows Algorithms:

PCSS filter (Area-like soft-shadow) and PCF filter (same soft shadows). A powerful denoiser that tops the basic filters, works as a separate filter and features unlimited Frustum Shadows screen space with dual filtering and edge tolerance. Choose between blue or dithering sound. Samples are stable on the screen so the shadow samples rotate slightly while having a temporary friendship.


NGSS uses a very small sample size to filter shadows while skipping fully illuminated or fully shaded areas making it a quick solution in the penumbra shadows market.


NGSS includes a combination of breaking kernel filters mainly based on Monte Carlo. The result is high-quality penumbra shadows such as raytraced shadows with high bandwidth and aliasing removal, making very small shadowmaps look outstanding.


Comes with a single Wizard tool to install NGSS internal libraries and with one click to install and one click to uninstall. Both home shadows and guiding shadows provide their own libraries, independent of each other. NGSS provides shadow elements to attach to your square lights (all lights) that allow you to adjust the shadow properties such as quality, lightness, etc. during operation.

Finally, NGSS replaces Unity libraries internally, this allows NGSS to behave in the same way as Unity shadows while compliant with any packages in AssetStore using Standard (built-in).

Shadow Features:

  • Frustum Shadows (screen space followed) with two filters on all types of lights
  • Powerful denoiser that acts as a separating shadow filter above the base filter (doubles quality for free)
  • PCSS (local soft shadows) and PCF (similar soft shadows) for filtering all lights
  • AR / VR support in all shades
  • Full shadows on all platforms where solidarity supports shadows (requires SM3.0 or higher)
  • Cascade Blending on all shadow drawings
  • Inline examples of such support. It avoids double RenderTextures, using built-in depthmaps headlights
  • Filter quality filter: from 4 to 128 samplers (scales from mobile to cinematic CG)
  • Quick shadows. An aggressive pre-release technique is used. Apply only shadows to the penumbra area, skipping the lighted or completely filled pieces.
  • Go back and do built-in Hard-Shadows without installing libraries
  • Bonus, custom shadows for all

Next-Gen Soft-Shadows Supported platforms:

It works locally by installing NGSS libraries or remote cloud building systems by installing libraries directly in your shadows. Easy and fast setup.

Not compatible with DX9 and GLES1 / 2!

Compatible with AR / VR, DX11, DX12, PS4, XB1, SWITCH, GLCore, GLES3.0, Metal, Vulkan or similar APIs.

Requires a minimum of SM3.0 for supported APIs.

Supported types of alliances:

Unity 2017 to 2021 (Built-in Supplier only). HDRP and URP support in the future.


  • Stellar customer support. Custom queries and free code conversion. Many requests are answered almost immediately. Three years ago v1 was launched, many updates and features have been made since then and many happy customers!

For any query, removal, bug, custom query, custom draft or renderer integration please support email:

If you like the package please consider providing a rating and package review in Unity Asset Store. This vote and review will help the package rise to prominence and will also help me create more packages.

If there is a package-related problem Contact me at the email below.

Next-Gen Soft-Shadows Asset Use Term and Conditions:

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