Tower Defense Basic Pixel Art Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

Tower Defense Basic Pixel Art Pack – Free Download Unity Assets

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This package contains the basics to start building your Tower Defense game.
This package includes 3 different towers:

Knight Tower:
-I can create 3 knights.
-It can update the Knights damage.
-It can add shield to knights.
-It has a flag to place knights.

Archer Tower:
-It can update arrow damage.
-Can update the shooting rate.
-It can update accuracy.
-It can add fire to arrows.

Magician Tower:
Basic attacks by fire.
-It can add an “extra” fire ball to the attack.
-Can create a trap anywhere on the map to slow down enemy speed.

Knight photos included:
-To walk, attack and die.

Enemies Photos included:
-To walk, attack and die.
(Death is not used but included).

Game detection: Click here

==== [UPDATE v2.0] ====

-En friendly UI for Android phone.
-2 new levels.
-Waves Editor.
-Sorcerer is the enemy.
-The enemy of the wind.
-Fires are controlled by “Object Pooling”.

  • To see a demo of android gameplay demo please visit: Click here

==== [UPDATE v3.0] ====

  • Finally … for example sounds effects are included !!!
    -Now you can change the sounds easily.
    -About music include the Unity Free package!/content/19233 as an example.

-Canvas UI adjustable scale.
-I have added many ideas to the code.

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